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1904 Cable Nelson full upright – $2450

Cable Nelson


Rebuilt and refinished including new strings and pins, fine regulation. From the golden age of full uprights.  Very “big” sound.  Blows little consoles and studio size pianos away!

Serial #34170 From 1904.

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1898 Steinway A Grand 6’2″ – $50,000

steinway A 2

Serial# 90166 – Soon to be available to see and play. Refinished and Rebuilt including new Soundboard, bridges, pinblock, action, and ribbon mahogany case beautifully refinished. This is the exact model in current production. Will be available for $50,000 which is less than half what it would cost new and with the same warranty and better sounding and playing.

Chris Pleim Piano Services is a licensed installer of the Stanwood Precision Touch-Design system for action setups. This system allows for precison balance, meeting players preferences with exactness in balance and action feel. For more information on the Stanwood system, go to All completely rebuilt pianos include this feature whereas new Steinways do not.

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